Multiple columns dependent on each other (Dependent Drop Menu)

Dear all, I have series of dependent drop menus how I can I activate them …

say I have a table with columns A, B, C, D, E, F

A contains info, where B dependent, and then B contains info, and C is dependent and so on

How to use Valid if to activate all dependent drop menus

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Thanks Steve for your information, but I am looking for example to have series of multiple dependent columns not only tow columns.

You can have multiple dependent dropdowns (as I understand it): the columns just need to be adjacent.

If the built-in dependent dropdowns are insufficient for your needs, your only other choice is to use Valid If expressions.

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I used Valid If for A
then I used valid if for B, then B became dependent on A

When I continue to make valid if on C, it is not shown as dependent of B

I need C to show as dependent on B, where when I select item from B, it show in C the dependent items

What do you mean by this?

When I choose item from B, it suppose to show the relevant from C.

But It shows the full item in column C.

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I just saw example named, Multi Filter Example, I think this may solve the issue

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