Multiple Columns in dropdown option


I have a field in my data to represent country tax code and would like to set this up as a dropdown. In the dropdown I would like to have a country description next to the tax code so users can select easily.
Country Code
United Kingdom GB
Germany DE

I created a reference table to contain values as above. Code is the unique key. Is it possible to show both values in the dropdown?


You need to create a virtual column with a CONCATENATE expression:

CONCATENATE([Country Code],"-",[Tax Code])


[Country Code]&"-"&[Tax Code]
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Many thanks. Just need to work out now how to create the ref to this data.

After creating virtual column, set it as Label so you can see concatenated values in dropdown list.



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Thanks for the responses. So I have a country table -

I have 2 fields in another table, 1 field is for Country as part of address, 1 field is for Tax Code. For both fields I would like to reference this table, use the virtual column as a list but when selected the data is stored as description or Tax Code depending on the field.

Many thanks


Virtual column is added on Appsheet. Not in google sheets. Click Add Virtual Column on columns of your table (highlighted with blue). After that type formula CONCATENATE([Country Description],"-",[VAT_Country_Code (Key)]) and save.
Set the virtual column as Label (highlighted with red) and save again.

Now you can see in the dropdowns this newly created virtual column values. Instead of key, the concatenated values will be shown


Thanks for the reply. Yes I’ve done that. The column is virtual, not excel. I can see the concatenated description in the dropdown. How do I control which column populates the field? For one field I just want the country code and for the other I just want the description.

I guess that is not possible. If you use your as Ref column type in another table, then your label column will be shown as description in the dropdown. You cannot set 2 label at the same time :frowning: