Multiple data values in single cell

I’m a new user, and I’ve tried to search for this, and I looked at sample apps, but I can’t seem to make sense of the posts in relation to my specific circumstances. I’m sorry if this is a duplicate question. I have a sheet for tracking warranty claims that have been submitted on equipment. Each claim number is a unique entry, with multiple columns of information. One column in particular is giving me trouble. We have to write down all the parts we’ve used on the repair. In our actual spreadsheet, these part numbers were written all in the same cell on the row, but it would be better to have each part number in its own cell. So in my entry form on the appsheet, I have the “part number” column, but if I don’t have a prepopulated list of part numbers to choose from, how can I add multiple entries for that one single “cell” so to speak?

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Hi Belinda,

You need to create three tables, each with its own worksheet.

  1. Repairs which contains one row per unique repair you perform.

  2. Parts which contains one row for each type of part that can potentially be used in any repair. It is essential a list of all the parts you use in your warranty repairs.

  3. PartsUsedForRepair which contains one row per repair per part used for that repair. This is the table that keeps track of which parts were used for each repair. For example, if the repair used one part, the table would contain one record for that repair. If the repair used ten parts, the table would contain ten records for that repair. If the repair used no parts, the table would contain no record for that repair.
    3a. PartsUsedForRepair would contain one field which is a Ref to a Repair record.
    3b. PartsUsedForRepair would contain a second field with is a Ref to a Parts record.

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