Multiple Dependent Dropdown

Here is the preview of the app

If the users select Money In, I only want Dr. to appear in the app not both, Dr and Cr.

What expressions do I need to use or formula if any?

Thank you.

Hi @ekoy

I don’t think your question is about dependent dropdown, it’s rather a dependent show/hide.

I suggest you have a look to the AppSheet documentation provided.
The first result I get at typing “hide” is the answer to your question:

To do so:
You need to click on the black pen attached to the field you want to show/hide
Then, click on the expression icon:
Then, type your Yes/No expression. For example:
[Inflow/Outflow]="Money In"
[Inflow/Outflow]="Money Out"

Let us know if that works for you !


Hi @Aurelien

I already solved my problem through your recommendation. I really appreciate your response. Until next time.

Have a good day ahead.