Multiple Dependent Dropdowns in the same View

When I set a Valid_If expression to drill down, and a column after that with another Valid_If, everything works fine.
When I add another column doing the same, referencing the same table and columns, it appears it is limiting the list to what the first dependent drop down narrowed down to. How can I get around this?

Product #1 Category
Product #1
Product #2 Category
Product #2

When you use TableName[ColumName] to generate a list, it behaves a little differently if used in Valid_If formulas. Instead of the full list of values, AppSheet assumes you want dependent dropdowns and will filter the list in the 2nd column after choosing the first one.

To get around this and get the FULL LIST of values from a column, use:

And to create multiple dependent dropdowns in the same table, just reference the first column in the second column’s formula to filter the values yourself, instead of using AppSheet’s logic which will get confused by multiple dependent dropdowns in the same table.

SELECT(TableName[Product #2], [Product #2 Category]=[_THISROW].[Product #2 Category])


That makes sense, thanks for you response. I tried the second expression a few days ago, but it didn’t appear to filter anything (as I believe that’s in the appsheet examples of how to negate a dependent dropdown from occurring)

The third expression makes more sense, so I’ll give that a go.

Thanks again for you assistance and explanation!

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Hi do you have any sample apps to see this practice? Thanks for the help