Multiple detail/inline/forms

Well… is there a way to have multiple forms, detail views, and inline views for any given table? Or, if anyone have been struggling with this in the past, what workaround have you applied?
This also applies for multiple add and edit actions (that would then point to each of the views created in the first place)
Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

PS: As far as I know, if you create another view of the same type of those created by system, that will take as the default one but will stay always that way and you can’t define different ones for each case like showing a certain form while adding a record from inline that’s different from the default one. Same with actions.

Hi @SkrOYC

you may want to use slices for each specific kind of view you wish, and then create action buttons that will open views that are based on each slice.


To add to what @Aurelien said. You can use CONTEXT() to change behaviour depending on where you are in the App

Also slices can control the order of columns and what the user is allowed to do (Add/Edit/Delete etc)


Thanks. Actually I have been experimenting with slices to solve this and creating inline/forms for them in order to use those instead of the ones from the table itself but I’m struggling with that. Seems like the platform is having trouble with ref_rows indicating slice instead of table but I tried with filter() with the same results.
The only thing that I haven’t done is use CONTEXT() but seems like it’s not the solution I need in this case, maybe I don’t have enough insight in how CONTEXT() works anyway.
I’m going to take the time to show you screenshots in order for you to have a better idea.
Thanks @Aurelien @1minManager


@Aurelien @1minManager
After some troubleshooting, I have found that slices can deal with this kind of problem.
Since a table can only have 1 detail/inline/form, I’m creating slices and a detail/inline/form for each of them.
Sometimes detail/inline/form are created by system, sometimes don’t. So I make sure that every slice (if I need it) has this trio and then I can point my parent records with granularity to the slice that I want.
Also, I’ve found that you can only have 1 action for add/edit/delete (I mean, system creates 1 and then you can make another one that will take the crown as the default) and it’s related to the table and can’t be assigned to the slice. It was counterintuitive at first but I get it.
Finally, for those whom may concern, make sure that you are pointing the “Related Something” column correctly. I mean, making sure that the App Formula is pointing to the slice and the “Element type details” config is also referencing the slice.
Then it was some playing with show_if, update mode, slice actions, etc…
Hope this helps with anyone dealing with this so I will mark this post as the solution.


Thank you very much @SkrOYC for keeping us and community updated on this case !

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