Multiple email addresses

I am learning AppSheet, so forgive the fairly simple question…

I’ve built a few apps for my office, mostly centering around work requests. In my data structure, I often have a column for [Email Address] of the user who submits some request. In another column, I often use a [Processed By] header (by the way, isnt shown in the original form, and is included in a slice with its own view), which is meant to also display an email address (that of the person who completed the work, etc.)

If I use the formula, “=USEREMAIL()” for both [Email Address] and [Processed By], I obviously don’t see two unique email addresses.

As a work-around, I’ve been making the users type in their email address, and I’ve reserved “=USEREMAIL()” for the workers who complete requests.

I know I can do better than this. The beauty of using AppSheet is that it knows the email address of the person filling out the form.

My expression building stinks, there’s probably something easy here.
Anyone have a suggestion?

Maybe you can use this for the slice
OR(USEREMAIL()= [Email Address], USEREMAIL()=[Processed By])

I’ll test it, thank you Bellave

Perhaps more information is helpful:

To set the [Processed By] column, I’ve created an action…when the action is fired, the column is populated with “=USEREMAIL()”

I’m not really sure where/how I’d use
OR(USEREMAIL()= [Email Address], USEREMAIL()=[Processed By])

That slice formula I suggested will allow a user who is either the creator or processor of a row to view that row.

You should use USEREMAIL() as initial value for [Email Address] and set that column’s Editable_If to FALSE.
You can set [Processed By] to USEREMAIL() as you are doing with an action

OK, I found a configuration that works. Both email addresses are preserved (if they’re different).

A second issue is that I have a workflow that sends an email to the requestor when an order is complete. Our maintenance guy is sometimes the requestor, but he explicitly told me he does not want an email everytime he completes these work requests.

So, I guess I need an expression that still allows for [Email Address], but not if Email

Again, theres probably a very easy expression for this…

Use [Email Address] <> “” for the If this is true… condition for the workflow rule.

I still want the email to go to [Email Address], but not if is in [Email Address]

Your conditional statement shall be then like this:

	[Status] = "Closed",
	NOT([Email Address] = "")
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Thank you Levent and Bellave!

You’re welcome