Multiple emails sent with Action

Help please. I’m new in Appsheet and have no dev background.
Anyway, our App is a Checking and Receiving form for assessing the quality of items received for selling. In this we have an Order Status column that has 3 states: Expected Purchase (default), Delivered Purchase (confirmed received items) and Checked Purchase (status after assessment is done).

I created an Action that will change an Order Status from Expected Purchase to Delivered Purchase with a click of a button at the detail view. At the same time, it sends out an email to the customer saying their items were received and being reviewed.

The Order Status field is also found at the start of the Form view. I tried moving it at the end of the form, but the form becomes blank when I do that.

I need your help on a couple of things:
1, We receive 3 copies of the delivered purchase email. Is it because of the action and being a part of the form too? Is there a way to fix this?
2. Is there a way to not have the user manually choose an order but rather have it changed in the backend when a field is filled?

Would really appreciate your inputs on this. Thank you!