Multiple enum conditions in one column

I’d like to inquire about the most efficient way to build a table with multiple enum questions.

In my case, I have a “Settings” table with several different enum columns. Some are “On, Off”, one has a list of four different text sizes (with text names, not just numbers), another has a list of time zones, and another has a list of languages. The easiest way to build the table is to put enums with different contents into separate columns. With the settings I’ve just described, that would be at least 4 columns.

What bothers me is making a separate column just for one settings, such as the time zone setting. I was looking for a way to have heterogeneous enum lists within one column. Today I thought I had found the solution in something that @Fabian wrote:

This works quite well in button enums of the kind that @Fabian demonstrated. Unfortunately, however, I encountered a problem with dropdown enums. First, here’s what I want:

Screen Shot 2020-07-11 at 22.47.51

Unfortunately, however, when I try to use the “suggested values” spot to control what is displayed (so that I can have different enums in the same column) the “Search” area becomes “Add or search”:

Screen Shot 2020-07-11 at 22.46.01

As my app is not designed to allow people to invent their own time zones, I don’t want this. By the way, this happens even though “Allow other values” is off.

I think this is a bug and I think it means that it’s probably better to use a single column for one enum in just one row. Here are my questions: Am I right about this? Is is better to use multiple columns even though it seems sort of inefficient? Also, is there a way around the problem I encountered?

The user can still “add” new value to it? even after allow other values is off?

Or is it the problem with the “Add or search” text on the space? If so, what is going to happen if you change the localise setting of “add or search” to “Search”.
Localize from English to English but…

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The idea of changing the localization setting had not occurred to me. It changed the appearance but not the function:

Screen Shot 2020-07-12 at 10.26.12

The plus (+) should not appear:

Screen Shot 2020-07-12 at 10.29.18

I think I’ll report this as a bug. I doubt that it’s an important bug for most creators but it would still be nice for the platform to respond predictably. In other words, since the “allow other values” is off, it shouldn’t allow them.

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I think I “overthought” this problem. There was a much simpler solution – using only the “Valid if” section to create the appropriate lists for each row. I need to have separate columns for different types of display (button, dropdown, etc.) but otherwise, I get just what I wanted.