Multiple filters on interactive dashboard?

Can I have several independent filter views to filter down a list (before I select a detail view)?

There’s one data table, but I need to be able to filter by different columns. I understand it’s really easy to set up a single filter, but supposing I want the user to be able to select several dynamic filters. For example, I have a data table of 200+ dances, that I want to be able to filter down to a shortlist that meet, say, 3 criteria: I want to be able to select, from the same data list, dances that are suitable for 16 people to warmup to with a particular exercise type. Is it possible to have an interactive view for each of these that the user can quickly select, so 5 views in all (including shortlist and detail view).
The 3 filter enum tables would be, say:
warmup, mild, energetic, thinker, (etc)
Exercise type:
line, circle, square, (etc)
No of dancers:
2,4,6,8,10 (etc)

I just want to know if it’s doable and how best to approach…


Use USERSETTINGS() to set up these parameters. Then make slices of all your panel’s data tables and make them be ‘filtered’ by the USERSETTINGS() params.

Recreate all the views in the dashboard to use these ‘special’ slices.

Add a view for the user settings parameters to the dashboard as well.

That sounds fab, I’ll take a look and report back. It would be really great if the interactive dashboard demo could be made to demonstrate this? :innocent:


Here’s a quick clip of one that’s currently in development…

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