Multiple Google Account Logins on Same Device

(Robbie Pollock) #1

Hello. I have an APP installed and I have enabled the option to allow Google Authentication. This works fine and allows me to login, however what I want to do is be able to login with a different google account each time I launch the app. When I click login and select “Login with Google”, it automatically logs me in with the first Google Account I used and does not give me an option to pick which of my Google Accounts to login with. I need to test different user accounts within my app is why I am trying to accomplish this.

(Bellave Jayaram) #2

Yes, this is cumbersome with non business accounts at the moment - I generally use different browsers to do this.

(Robbie Pollock) #3

When you say “non business accounts”, can you clarify? I am currently on the paid PRO Plan - if this is what you are referring to. Thanks

(Riki Armstrong) #4

I have managed to do this one my phone by going to the menu in the App and clicking Logout. Then login in with Google and it allows me to pick another Google Account.

(Robbie Pollock) #5

Yea, I had already tried that too. Did not work.