Multiple Google Forms into one Google sheet into an AppSheet

Hey everyone! I’m brand new to forms, spreadsheets and apps but am a firm believer that anything can be learned by watching YouTube videos and asking the internet. I’m trying to help my friend build an App to record her daughters seizures, medications, appointments, health etc. I have made 5 google forms called: Personal Health, Seizure Record, Medications, Overnight Information and Unusual Seizures. I’ve then linked all the form responses to a master spreadsheet and called each tab “xxx data”. Do I have to link the questions to the Master Spreadsheet for each form? Or just upload the 5 forms and Master into AppSheet? Or just the Master Spreadsheet? I wanted the landing page in the App to display the daily records that have been entered so I had made a tab in the Master sheet called “Daily Information”. But I stopped there because I wasn’t sure if my multi-form - one spreadsheet - one app would even work (and I’m I didn’t know how to do that!!). I really appreciate any help. I’ve discovered that not everything is easily learned by watching tutorials and reading instructions… Thank you so much for any advice!!

Hi Bianca! It sounds like you have a great start to your app! While Google Forms and AppSheet can work very well together, I would recommend, for simplicity of a single place to access all the data, to just use the forms within AppSheet itself.

The 5 tabs you’ve created can be added into the AppSheet app as a “Table”. When you do that, the app will automatically create views for each of those tables and each table view will have a “+” button added in the lower right-hand corner. When tapped, a Form will be automatically opened to allow entry of a new row into the table. Very, very easy - sounds way more complicated than it is.

From there, it is just a matter of adjusting the app to set data types for columns and show/hide data as needed and to add any additional functionality you would like - which can be easy or hard depending on how crazy you want to get in the app!!

Because you are doing such a tremendous favor for the daughter, I am willing to spend a couple hours one-on-one to help you get up and running. If you would like to get on a Zoom call where I can walk you through the steps and help with any issues you are having, please private message me and we can setup a time to meet.

Otherwise, keep posting here…it is great group if individuals who are willing to help!!