Multiple Group By - Display the hierarchy of the levels

Hi there,

It is very handy to use multiple Group By in table view.
The only issue is that once the user opens the first group and then the second group, the first group is not displayed anymore.
The user is often lost because of that and asks me to display the whole hierarchy of the different group levels.

Could you develop that please? That would have a great impact on my users experiences!

Thanks a lot!

Virtual Columns can handle this likely. Try Concatenating the First grouped by to the second and so on. Then Group by the Virtual Column

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Let’s take an example with three Group By

Your suggestion is to make virtual column with this formula : [Country]&">"&[City]&">"&[Street]
and to use that VC as a fourth Group by.

That could do the trick indeed :thinking:



That won’t look too good on small screens (e.g., phones).

Ok, so did I misunderstand the idea of Austin_Lambeth?
How to have a nice look on phones?

There isn’t a way.

We almost exclusively develop for desktop :sweat_smile: didn’t think of the phone


That’s it?

What’s the point of feature request on this forum if you simply answer “there isn’t a way”?

Thanks Austin! You gave me a very good idea anyway!

I’m not denying the feature request. If anything, I’m validating it.

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He means there currently there isn’t a way to do that. Feature request is for things we don’t currently have but want.

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Ho! Sorry, I didn’t get it that way. I felt like nothing would be done.

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