Multiple IF formulas

Hi I have a question relating to expressions. I have a form whereby the user email entered automatically fills out the next column [Operator]. In the AppSheet App, Auto compute, Formula for column Operator (Name) I have the following formula entered:
IF([User Log In] = “”, “John Doe”, John Doe’’)
What I want to do is add more user emails and different operator names only I don’t know how to write this expression. Just for clarification I would like it to be like this;
IF([User Log In] = “”, “John Doe”, John Doe’’) + IF([User Log In] = “”, “Jane Doe”, Jane Doe’’) + IF([User Log In] = “”, “John Smith”, John Smith’’)


Hi @Steve that worked perfect. Thanks for the guiding me in the right direction. This worked:
(USEREMAIL() = ***, “James”,
(USEREMAIL() = ***, “Jack”,
TRUE, “”,

Cheers for the help.



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