Multiple Instance, Different Login

Android mobile
I have a business app and a personal app; I use my business login for the business and my personal login for the personal app. My login is persistent with appsheet regardless the app I launch, I would like my login to be persistent per app not global with appsheet.
Two different apps two different logins, want to stop having to logout and login of each when I switch apps.

If you are logged in with both email addresses with your mobile device, add shortcuts to your phone and then you can just click those icons without the need to logout and login.

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I was thinking it should be that easy but it does not work that way. Logged in from one app transfers to the other app clicking each respective app icon.
Both accounts are logged in on mobile device.

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Yes that’s true. I was testing it with a combination where the other account was my Appsheet account. That makes a difference.

So, are we going to have wait for this feature request to be developed?
Odd how this has not been proposed before.

Appsheet does not support account differentiation caching (different logins per app, without logout)?