Multiple Pictures with One Column


I would like to capture multiple images with one column, OR, dynamically create multiple virtual columns according to user input. What I mean by the second option is for example, if a user inputs that they collected 5 samples, then the user can upload 5 pictures.

So far I’ve only been able to upload one picture per column. Is what I want possible?


You will need to add another table and then reference that from the main table. That will then allow you to continue to add more and more pictures.

I tried what you said but that changed the way in which photos can be uploaded. Now the app takes me to a form to upload the picture. I want the picture to be uploaded easily and immediately:

Good job, I think you are close. Instead of selecting the column type to be an enum, select it to be a ref column. Then in the column details properties box, select your new table.

Then a button called “new” will show up in your form where you can just keep clicking new to add more and more pictures. It will still go to another form but it will skip the middle step.

What you describe is my current configuration but it has different results:

Okay, I apologize. I have it backwards. On your secondary table, you need to select the key value column to be a ref to the main table. **And you need to turn “Is a part of?” to on.

You always have to go to another form to add a new child record. Try creating an add image button that links to that form to create the child. If you change the setting to advance forms automatically it will ask the user to choose existing picture or take a picture when they open the form and then you can have auto save on as well for this form view. This would make the flow: click button, ask for a picture, when they take the picture it will save and take them back to the parent record.


Thank you!
How do I advance forms automatically?

I tried adding a button to my detail view but it doesn’t show up:

Its in UX-Options-Forms

Try attaching it to a different column. It might not like the datatype of photo(s).