Multiple Push Notifications - How can the user be informed of additional messages while in app?

I am implementing a notification feature based on a team. If one of the members is falling short of a goal, a push notification is sent to the other team members to 1) Notify them 2) Provide ability to send an encouragement message to the member in need.

The problem I am facing is if there are several team members triggering the initial message AND the recipient is already in the app, the recipient will get a popup message BUT ONLY FOR THE FIRST TEAM MEMBER. There is no indication of additional messages that were sent at that same time.

When the recipient is NOT in an AppSheet app, they will see the multiple notifications based on their device settings…so all good there.

Is there any way to inform the recipient while in an AppSheet app, that the push notification message they are being presented is “1 of n” number of messages?