Multiple Selection from Referenced Table

Hey! Fairly new to AppSheet and was just curious if something was possible.

I currently am working on a Menu for customers to browse through products.
I currently have 3 tables:

  • Product
  • Brand
  • Category

I have a column in Products called Category that I used as a reference to refer to the Category Table.
That was I can have people select a Category and see what else is in it.
Is there anyway to have a Reference column select multiple options?
Right now when I go edit an entry and choose a Category from the referenced table, I can only select one at a time.
Ideally I would like to categorize products in multiple categories.

Is something like this possible?

Thats fairly easy and beauty of Appsheet.

I suppose you currently set the ref type column and reference table is set to Category in Products columns.
Assuming that, change the column type to Enumlist. Then for valid If constrain, please place select expression

Select Expression Example.

Select(Category[key column], true)

This expression simply return the key column out of the category table. If you want to get the certain set of the rows from category table, then add the conditions by replacing true.

[Key column] can be other column depending on what sort of column you have in your table. For instance, if you want to get the dropdown list for multiple selection referring to the column name, such as “Category Name” then formula to be

Select(Category[Category Name], true)

if you have other column for instance, the sub category in category table, then you can add condition like

Select(Category[Category Name], [Sub-category]=“Office”)

Something like that.

I dont intent to make the simple story complicated, but you can add the initial value for Enumlist as well.
For the initial values, set the formula like this

LIST(“TBA category name1”," TBA category name2", “TBA category name3”)

This return the list of category as you selected, and when the user open the new form , the value is set as selected when they see the dropdown.

Hope this makes sense.

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So after putting the Select in Valid If, it was allowing me to select multiple categories.
However it removed the ability to click on the category.
Screen Shot 2019-12-09 at 12.41.15 PM|245x149Screen Shot 2019-12-09 at 12.42.02 PM|277x148

So when I have the Category Column in Product set as a Reference, it allows me to label each Product in to one category. Then on the detailed view of that product you can select that category to see a new view of other products in that category.

Is there a way to select multiple and allow them all to be click-able?