Multiple selection of data in a table

Hello, I would like to know if you can have an option to not select one by one the items in a table, if not all. On the left side I have a filter and on the right side the filtered records according to the data on the left side. I would like to have an option to select all the records in this filtered table, and not one by one as it currently works.


It sounds that you wish to perform certain action on a set of rows in a table after selecting those rows one by one.

If so, you may wish to explore the concept of “Reference Actions” as demonstrated in the sample app below. The action needs to be tapped on a parent table and the action is executed on all the rows in the child table, without the need to select each row.

I had used this concept to delete multipe rows in a table. I had created a one row , one column parent table. This parent table was auto referenced in each of the child table’s rows. On "Delete Rows"action tap in parent table, all the child table’s rows are deleted.