Multiple Selection Reference

Hi guys,

I have another problem witch I can’t solve at the moment.

I build an app for spraying and fertilizing in farming.

The master data of this is a planting reference, with what we’re working.

This data marks a solid, not changeable area where everything is planted.

In these planting references I want to see what kind of fertilizer or spraying I used on it already.

For this I need to know all the planting references with are affected of one spraying or fertilizing run. It’s not possible to make one data set for each planting reference because one spraying process effects about 10 references or sometimes more.

Is it possible to make a multiple selection of references and if yes how does it work?

My idea was to make an enum list with the effected ones and then split them in different columns to have each reference in one column. But the next step is unclear for me because I don’t know how to make again references out of them.

Maybe someone can help me? Would be really nice.

Here is the link to the app. At the Moment you have a planting reference start and one finish for the spraying data but that makes it not possible to see for each reference which was affected by one spraying process.

Thanks so much for your help I appriciate every comment.

I tried to take a look at your app but I do not have a DropBox account and was denied. To allow others to access your app you will want to set the Authentication Provide to “Any Provider”.

Hey John,

thanks for your answer.

I changed it now.

Hi Kaimafresh

Can you please share the answer. I am also trying to achieve the same.

Thanks in advance