Multiple sub-users to use one user's private tables, without init. new private tables

what options do i may have, to keep private tables with one user, while other sub-users of this user would not initiate new private tables for themselves when logging in ?


Unfortunatley there is no such control with private tables.

Furthermore: once someone accesses the app, and appsheet creates a table for them in their Gdrive, if you make any changes to the column structure the app will break.

  • There is currently no system in place to get the modifications you’ve made to the “root” private table into the additional tables made in each users Gdrive.

So private tables are really only good for a one-shot-deployment scenario.

  • If you have to change the column structure on a private table, you’ll have to make a new app (or at least a copy) - this way new table are made in the users Gdrive when they access this new app.

yes, what would be good I think, if AppSheet also introduces the ability to define the private table db independent from the authentication login. Like usual MVC web apps. In a smart way that allows for private db for selective table cells, by still allowing sub-users of the client to contribute to the client’s db. That way the client data can be kept private, legally and for safety liability. Also with a feature to change the db structure over time as dev goes on.
In a principle of app provider provides app and default db content, and client keeps their elaborated data private + can extend the default data.