Multiple Subscription plans on One account (Prem and Pro)

Hi there,

As things progress, I find myself separating apps between regular users and admins. It becomes easier logistically as well as performance wise as the regular users do not need to load as many tables as the admins and I’m able to filter the data easier.

That being said, a huge problem i’m running into trying to save my clients money is NOT having the option to add a Premium and Pro plan licenses on a single account.

As an example, I was able to move 25 regular users to a separate app (which now only requires a Prem plan) which would save them $125 a month. Scaled with more users, 50% can be a big cut in expenses.

As a request, I would like to be able to just add monthly licenses to a single account for both Premium and Pro.

If it’s already being developed, whats the ETA?