Multiple Table Single Form

I have a Google Sheet which has 3 tabs in it (Customer, Subscription, Operation). I have Primary Key-Foreign Key reference in all the 3 TABS.
I need to have a single form in the App, where when I create a Customer, I get fields of Subscription Tab as well. And the same for Operations Form, I need fields from both Customer Tab and Subscription Tab.
There are many tutorial on youtube , but all of them are of Older versions, and now those option aren’t there in AppSheet.

Have you checked that you have set the option “Is a part of?” as ON with your Ref field?

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Yes, the ref is set to the Parent Table , and is part of is also checked

Is the “Customer” a parent table and both “Subscription” and “Operation” are child tables?

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Yes, The Customer is Parent Table for Subscription and Operation, Sorry but have phrased the Question wrong, It was Adding Customer Data to Subscription. And yes it worked with is Part of.