Multiple Users Claiming Projects

I’m currently looking into setting up a workflow queue for my team connected to my master job log spreadsheet. My thought was to have two tabs, one with available projects (rows with no team member listed in my job log) and another tab listing out that specific user’s claimed projects and due dates (rows that have that specific user listed). I would like to have this as an open first-come-first-served queue possibly with a “Claim Project?” checkbox. The first user to click this on a given row would then ideally update the team member column in the master spreadsheet with their name, and hence removing this from the Available Jobs list from other users. Currently my job log has each user’s name as a different option in a dropdown window. Is there a way to either trigger this selection via checkbox, or have this dropdown menu limited only to that user’s name? I’ve seen some information pointing me to the USEREMAIL() function, though I’m still trying to wrap my head around integrating this.

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