Multiple values in form

Hi, how to please prevent to multiple values of same type in form for PUBLIC app

for Name (already used)
Location (you cant fill the form because same Lat/Long)
Email (is it also possible to identifiy email without USEREMAIL() ? > by some trick with same text ?

Use a Valid If expression.

Use a Valid If expression, possibly that includes the DISTANCE() function.


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Thanks. I tried

    ([_THISROW].[Name] = [Name])

Looking good :smiley: ?How I can modify an error message ?

Could you please write a short example how to use DISTANCE() ? with HERE() :sweat_smile:
(goal: not possible if you are in same location, (for example 1 km) in column Location where is latlong


Try in Valid If expression for the Location column::

(DISTANCE([_THIS], HERE()) > 1.0)

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

I am also trying

(DISTANCE([_THIS], HERE()) > 0.1) for 100 meters limit, I hope it will work too :smiley:

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The ever first form with first map ping is invalid, in latlong column in initial value is HERE() and this new expression in valid if

but this is just an improvement not the necessary thing