Multiselect ref is working?


I am trying to add a simple multiple select from a ref table - I just cannot get it to work…

I have 2 tables - one contains a list of medicines and another should have a list of times of the day on which that medicine was taken

For the “Medicine usage history” table’s “medicine” column - I have created an enumList of type Ref which links to my “Medicines” table but it shows an empty list - Saving/Opening/Closing, nothing helps… the only way I can get it to work is if I add a new medicine from inside the Medicine drop down - that somehow creates a hyperlink and Appsheet remembers… but if I delete that same medicine from the “Medicine” table, it shows a broken link (the one with a yellow triangle warning sign)

I already have data in the “medicines” table

And I link it to the other table via an EnumList Ref

But when I open the view, I don’t see the entry for “Aspirin” - the one that I do see is one I created from the “New” button in the dropdown (and later deleted from the medicine table)

I’ve tried changing table names, column names but I can’t get it to work…

Enum(List) w/ Base type Ref require you to specify a valid_if expression to create the dropdown options, they will not automatically show up like for a basic Ref type column.