Multitables example: nested reference views I...

(Keith Winston) #1

Multitables example: nested reference views I am trying to recreate some behavior in this example app. There is a reference view, Locations Slideshow, which shows a second reference view list, Audits, within it. WHY?!! I can vary the number of shown rows by “Max nested rows” for related reference lists, but I can’t understand why it knows that Audits is related? Where is that buried? Thanks in advance!

(Keith Winston) #2

Ah! So sorry: the sample app is Property Audit! I renamed it to remind myself why I was looking at it…

(Reza Raoofi) #3

I don’t recall exactly all the details in those sample apps, but from what you said there seem to be a Ref column in Audits that refers to Locations table. That is most likely the reason you see that audits list view inside Locations Slideshow view.

(Keith Winston) #4

Yes, I suppose I see that now. Thanks. I guess there’s not much control over that particular magic.

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #5

@Keith_Winston, when there are references between tables (entities) then usually people want to be able to navigate them in the UI. Which is why you see the related Audits when looking at a Location.

If you want to prevent this from being shown, you can certainly do that by editing the view definition (UX -> Views)