Multiusers sending the same form

If User B opens the same form than User A before User A save it and User B saves after User A have sended the form, the row of User A form is overwritten by User B form.

I need that multiple users open the same form at the same time and new rows be created instead of being replaced by the last send.

I assume “open a form” means open an existing record to edit. The only way to accomplish this sort of thing, I would think, is to only allow adding of new records to a “transaction” Table of sorts (separate from your actual Table in question), and then having maybe some sort of a time-delayed Appsheet automation, or better a Google Apps Script, that’ll run on these transactions records and update the original record in the original table using whatever logic you require. This would all be quite difficult, and I do not recommend it. I recommend you figure out some other way to meet your requirements.

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Hi Marc, thanks for the help.
Actually both users are creating a New row, not editing an existing one. But, when the User B saves, instead of creating two rows, it overwrittes the User A one.

Oh I see. I’d suspect you aren’t using an appropriate Key value in that case.

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Hi Marc. Thanks for the tip.
And although the problem is with synchro, I did a review of my use of the Key just in case.

I found that this topic was already consulted by other users and the reason has to do with the Appsheet rule “The last writer wins”.

Now I am looking at a possible solution by using a second table that works as a temporary table, together with a Script code to redirect the information from one table to another within the Spreadsheet.

I hope it works!
Thanks for your time! :+1:

I think you’re going in the wrong direction.

If 2 users open a Form to add a new record, at the same time. The only way that one would overwrite the other, is if they were attempting to use the exact same Key value. The typical, recommended, Key value usage is to use UNIQUEID() as the Initial Value in a hidden column. Under that situation, the chance of 2 Key values being the same is 1 out of 2.8 trillion. What are you using for a Key value?

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I agree.

ops … I’ll keep studying it then.
Thanks for the warning.

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