Multple Selection bulk edit in time

Multiple 3 Selection then edit in one time like then write


Hi @Rajesh_Kumar,

I believe you have another similar post today. It sounds that probably you are looking for bulk actions? Please take a look at the following article-

Please post back if you are looking for somethung else. Please share more details in that case.

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I’ve deleted the earlier post. Thanks for noting it.

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Dear Sir,

I need after select i want to write something

Could you please elaborate, what you would like to write?

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It sounds to me like you want to select multiple rows, then update them all at once with a single new value. I imagine something like a ticket tracking system, and you want to close three tickets at once, all with a summary of, “Fixed.”

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Dear Sir,

In these picture i have a code then i select multiple selection then i need to write a vehicle to dispatch


Matlaab aap 2-3 or jyada entry ko ek saath le ke ek hi baar mein saab ko update karna chahte ho? Dispatched likhna chahte ho sab mein? Yehi toh, or kya koi aur zaruraat hai aapka?

( I asked him what @steve asked in the preceding post, but in our native language)

Nahi mein vehicle number likhna chhtta hu

This translates to: “No, I want to write the vehicle numbers”.

Uo circled numbers kya vehilce number hain?

Aapko thora aaur elaborate karna hoga.
Jis rows mein aap uo karna chahte ho, uska ek screenshot khichke yaha post kijiye.

( Are those circled numbers the vehicle numbers?
You have to elaborate a bit more. The rows om which you want to apply what you are trying to do, please take a screenshot of them and post here.)

Dear ,

Thanks for reply now i send to you image .

Waha par sirf aur sirf actions hi dikhta hain.

‘Vehicle number’ ka matlab kya hain?

Yaha par ek baar mein likh sakku ki Vehicle Number”, matlab samjhaiye.

Spreadsheet ka ek screenshot khichke bhejiye. Ek row mein data dikhna chahiye.

Ye mere (RAM/0001-SC/0001) coil code hai mujhe ye dispatch karne hai wo bhi kisi truck (Vehicle Numbr like HR20AC4278) mein dispatch hoga or mein apne coil code multiple time select karu to again mujhse pucche truck number kya hai or driver name ka name kya hai

if you possible please come to hangout to solve this solution

if you possible please come to hangout to solve this solution