Must users have a "cloud based" email to acce...

(Daniel Street) #1

Must users have a “cloud based” email to access the app?

If we have security setup to reqire login, does that mean only google, etc, will work - or can anyone access the app?

How can people without cloud-based email access the app?

(Dinh Nguyen Nguyen) #2

@Daniel_Street Hi Daniel, users don’t need to have gmail accounts in order to use AppSheet. However, their email accounts must still be registered with one of the authentication providers supported by AppSheet, such as Google or Microsoft. This is because we rely on third-party authentication providers to verity and authenticate users’ identities. If a user uses an email "" without registering this email with Google, it is not possible for us to verify that the user is really who they claim to be, i.e. the real owner of the account "".

(Testly Userd) #3


When you require login, your users must have an account with one or more of the following authentication providers.

You can choose from the following authentication providers:

Google Dropbox Box Office365 Smartsheet Salesforce

You can either select a single authentication provider or you can specify “AnyProvider” which allows your users to have an account with any of the authentication providers listed above.