My App has disappeared, it still shows in the...

(Aaron Blau) #1

My App has disappeared, it still shows in the list of my prototype apps but clicking the link brings the error:

Hmm, we can’t find that… Are you sure you are looking for a valid app?

(Michael) #2

I too am experiencing an issue I think may be related. None of my apps will load in the editor. The apps themselves load on the frontend albeit noticeably slower than usual.



Same issue

(Sonrise Fence Co) #4

this just happened to me as well

(Michael) #5

Each of the tabs in this image are separate apps all with a similar error as seen in the image.

(Conrado Olivera) #6

Same to me. Any relationship with the problem this morning? I have other app that works …

(Michael) #7

Google again? Twice in the same day? This is not good… @praveen@Philip_Garrett_Appsh@Aleksi_Alkio

(Aaron Blau) #8


FWIW, my app is connected only to SQL tables, no google sheets

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #9

No, this one is us. It was a short-term issue. Should be fixed now. Could you check again please?

(Aaron Blau) #10


Back in action, thank you sir!

(Michael) #11

@praveen Good (for?) now…