My App id is Attendance_tracker-639578 and th...

(santanu chatterjee) #1

My App id is Attendance_tracker-639578 and there are 4 active users and 8 target users. However from today morning I see my app blocked and the app summary is showing 13 users. Moreover, it is showing upgradation to premium billing plan which is very very expensive for my company. Moreover, it was supposed to remain free for users below 10. I also notice that 1 user although he is using the app but still showing “not responded” in the approved user whitelist.

What needs to be done? some changes in settings which will ensure that only 4 people are actually using the app so that it remains free and we upgrade it as and when our user base increases? My email is

(Aleksi Alkio) #2

Well… the free plan is for testing purpose and the limit is 10 users. You should upgrade your account at least for Standard.