My app is like a works rota/diary. One sheet ...

(Simon Blackburn) #1

My app is like a works rota/diary. One sheet in my workbook contains all the different shifts (sheet 1) at my place of employment. When I add a new entry, this is saved to a second worksheet (sheet 2) in the workbook.

I want to add another user to the app (with a login if possible) where when he/she adds his/her own work shifts they’ll be saved to a seperate worksheet (sheet 3) than the one I’m using for my shifts.

All data will be read from the same sheet 1.

Can some offer any guidance to how I’d do this please?

(Steven Coile) #2

Better to save it all to a single worksheet, adding a column that identifies who a particular row is for, then use a security filter to ensure each user only has access to their own entries.

Alternatively, copy the app for each user and setup each copy with its own sheet 2.

(Simon Blackburn) #3

+Steve Coile I can’t do the first suggestion because of the way the data is displayed.

Ideally I’d like it all in one app so is there no 3rd option?

(Steven Coile) #4

@Simon_Blackburn Not that i can see.

(Simon Blackburn) #5

+Steve Coile Looking again at your first suggestion.

If I add another column as you say. When either user is creating an entry, they could select from an enum/dropdown which user the entry is for then this would go into this new column.

How would I apply a security filter so user 2 doesn’t see work shifts attributed to myself?

(Steven Coile) #6

@Simon_Blackburn The user needn’t identify themselves if they’re logged in and the app knows their email address. If so, you can auto-fill this new column with the user’s email address by setting the Initial value for the column to =useremail().

(Steven Coile) #7

@Simon_Blackburn You could then create a security filter in this table (table 2) that selects only rows with the current app user’s email address. Assuming the new column is [email], the security filter formula might be: in([email], list(useremail()))