My app is not generating pdf document

Anyone knows the reason because appsheet is not generating reports?

Same Problem Here.
The e-mail workflow action is not working.

I just had a client report the same thing. Probably another PDF Rocket outage but I can’t find any reports on it yet.

Outage is happening obviously.

Are there any updates on this? I have been emailing back and forth with support, but they went dark. My entire operation is at a standstill. I have 70+ loads of melons shipping out today, and none of my farmers can generate the Bill of Lading’s they need to load each truck. This is a nightmare.

I’m with you. I reckon appsheet team does not have control over the issue, only Mailchimp can solve…
My apps are used globally affecting my users severely.
This Mandrill issues happen offen rather merely. In other words , the service is unstable as far as the outage interrupt the usage of our production app severely and adversely and increase the amount of downtime.

I wish to hope appsheet team to seek alternative service

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HI Brady,
Sorry about this.
We are on this and reaching out to Mandrill team to get an ETA.
We’ll share whenever we get one. Sorry I do’t have better news at this time.

Koichi. Yes we hear you



Wanted to share a work-around solution: Since this is an email issue rather than a PDF generation one, I edited our workflow to “AttachAndArchive” the PDF rather than simply email it, then specified a folder path to our google drive where Appsheet saves the file after it’s generated. PDF’s are being stored properly there; to email it to someone, simply download and attach to an email manually, or share the file to the email address you’re attempting to get it to. Hope this helps. Cheers.


Mandrill says they are back to normal. Can you all confirm please?

Thank you

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Thank you @TDhers !
It is up and running now.

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Fantastic. Thank you Koichi.

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Please raise heavy claim to Mainchimp team!! This happens too much often ! :rage:


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Or move on from Mailchimp to something more reliable is another option… :slight_smile:

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