My App use case. Logistics booking system. Database performance

Hello everyone, I am in the progress of building a logistics booking system and wanted to get guidance on the best approach especially from a data management perspective.
I am using GoogleSheets as my database (initially), I have 12 columns (First name, last, mobile, delivery address etc) and expect there to be 250 bookings (rows) per day. This means 12 columns x 250 rows = 3000 cells. Now i know GoogleSheets has a limitation of 5,000,000 cells which means i would get 4.5 years roughly. I’ve also heard somewhere that AppSheet limits you to 100,000 rows from GoogleSheets?
My questions is around both capacity (database limitation) and speed (performance). I have looked into breaking it down into 3 different worksheets (one worksheet for each delivery site location) to utilise the data-partioning methods but then this brings issues when i need to build a dashboard and need all 3 locations consolidated.

Appreciate your help.

I’ve had great success with Google Sheets as a data source. Do you need to keep all of the rows in the sheet that’s linked to the app? You could archive older rows to another sheet periodically.


Hi Lance,
I could archive the rows every year which wouldn’t be an issue.
By our of curiosity how many rows did your app consume a day? May I ask what the use case of yours was?

I guess my initial concern is can appsheet handle the 250 entries daily.



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For business plans and above, the “Data partitioning” feature may be an effective use case.