My App which has been working fine, uses Exce...

(Steve Wu) #1

My App which has been working fine, uses Excel Data Validation. I made an edit to the ENUM worksheet - add one entry in Column D, added two entries to Column A.

I redefined the data validation range in each case to cover the added entries. When I click on the drop down for the two changed columns in the in worksheet, the new entries appear in the list.

In AppSheet, I have clicked on Regenerate in the Column view, but the App continues to show the unaltered columns. I have Sync’ed the app on the iPad, it’s showing the old entries as well.

When I look in the Type Qualifer, it does not contain the new entries for either column.

No issues before making these simple changes. What am I doing wrong? Has the feature changed in Appsheet?

Thanks in advance!

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #2

Two things come to mind:

a) can you make a separate app based on that sheet and see if it picks up the right set of Enum choices? b) to work around the problem, you can manually add the options to the Enum column types in the app editor