My app worked consistently now started to unexpected closes, leading to data loss

Hello everyone, my client has been experiencing consistently stability issues lately inside her application, the app suddenly closes while filling a inspection which resulted in most cases in data lost, she assumed that was in part because there are too much pictures saved in google drive but I think that there are probably other issue going on, I have already recommended that they completely wipe the devices and do a clean install of AppSheet in iOS and also have the latest version of iOS with enough free storage in device. I already checked the log analyzer and there is no obvious error when the app closes registered, and previously the app worked consistently for a long time. So if possible I wanted your feedback/recommendations about what can I do to try solve the issue maybe optimizing the app in some way related to the management of the pictures or the ram that I think that may be leading to this sudden closing of the app.

Thanks in advance.

We have to be aware that “spec” of the user device is one of the major factor which affect the performance of the application. Yes, typical sympthon is app is closed all the sudden while the user plays around with app etc. due to low spec (compared with the latest ones), CPU, memories and available storage .

When I see such caces, just recommed to affected user to buy new phone, and it solves all the problems as far as my past experience is concerned.

For your guidance.

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