My AppSheet app and data source are both cons...

(Alex Woodrow) #1

My AppSheet app and data source are both consistently UK formatted. When using a form to add an entry, the date is displayed in UK format, but when AppSheet syncs with the source, it enters the date in US format (MM/DD instead of DD/MM).

Anyone have any idea why this might be happening?

This is a new occurrence after logging in for the first time in months to update the Table name as I’d just renamed it in the source.

(Aleksi Alkio) #2

Would you please take a printscreen from that situation,


(Alex Woodrow) #3
  1. Google Sheet (source) Locale settings
(Alex Woodrow) #4
  1. AppSheet Locale settings
(Alex Woodrow) #5
  1. AppSheet in-browser preview about to submit a new entry to the table, with the form correctly formatting the automatically entered date as DD/MM/YYYY
(Alex Woodrow) #6
  1. The new entry in the source table, receiving the date as MM/DD/YYYY, which due to the UK locale settings, is not accepted as a valid date (the three entries above were accepted as valid but obviously incorrect dates, as 12th October was received as 10th December)
(Alex Woodrow) #7
  1. Interesting twist discovered, as AppSheet manages to interpret “10/14/2018” as ‘14th October 2018’…
(Alex Woodrow) #8
  1. …but does not interpret “10/12/18” as ‘12th October 2018’ [final post in response to @Aleksi_Alkio request for screenshots]