My AppSheet references a google sheet for its...

(Jason Flynn) #1

My AppSheet references a google sheet for its source path. I have columns set up to name different types of equipment. Each column is “Enum” type and I have different serial numbers listed for each item. My problem is when I add a column (i.e. a new piece of equipment) to my google sheet and regenerate the column on appsheet I loose all my previous Enum serial numbers entered, and the “type” changes to “text”. Have you any idea why this might be happening? Is there a way of adding a column to google sheets without messing with any of the previous columns? Any help greatly appreciated.

(Tony Fader) #2

Hi @Jason_Flynn, does this consistently happen? I’ve tried to reproduce the issue on my side and it retains the EnumValues setting across regenerates.

Generally speaking, AppSheet tries to keep as much information as possible across regenerates. (See this related thread: Hello Experts, Im wondering if there is some way to keep the config on colum…

(Jason Flynn) #3

Hi tony, thanks for the response. I looked into that and I just discovered that if i regenerate the table without making any change to the google sheet the same problem occurs. This means that the problem is already within the sheet before I make any changes to the columns. When the data is recorded by an employee from the app the information is recorded in the google sheet. So now there is lists of information below each column heading. This is probably the first time I’ve regenerated the column since making the app. Would this be the cause of the problem? If so can you a suggest a solution?

(Tony Fader) #4

@Jason_Flynn Can I take a look at your app and the underlying spreadsheet? I’ll just need the app name and you’ll need to share the sheet with Let me know the name of the enum column that is causing the problem.

(Jason Flynn) #5


App name is “Flow Technology Inspections” I have shared the sheet with you now also. Problem column is “Equipment Inspection App”.

I am trying to add a new piece of equipment in addition to “Beam Trolley (GA2) (SF 09B)” “Chain Block (GA2) (SF 09B)” etc. without affecting the existing columns.