My colleague has mentioned that yesterday whe...

(Mark Tuckey) #1

My colleague has mentioned that yesterday when using the app some of the data he entered didn’t save and disappeared when he moved to the next entry on the form. He said it’s happened in the past but usually if he rebooted his phone it was ok again but this time it wasn’t. What could be causing this? This is extremely important to fix as we now rely on the app to perform our job.

(Mark Tuckey) #2

It seems as though the data once entered will disappear until the synchronization is complete but the sync is really slower than usual. It didn’t do this before.

From my understanding the app should work offline and update the spreadsheet once online again, but it seems to be not displaying data that was just entered while attempting to sync.

(Aleksi Alkio) #3

Hi, while you or other user were working as offline, is it possible that the key column is not well organized and the new record has overwrite the existing record? What are you using as a key column?

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #4

@Mark_Tuckey what you describe should never happen if the keys are designed correctly — i.e. each row has a unique key value

(Mark Tuckey) #5

It never used to happen. @Aleksi_Alkio @praveen

I’m using “Unique ID” as the key column.

I need to get this fixed ASAP as this is now integrated so much into our business that if it is not working we are not making money. We are a paid user is it possible for someone to look at it?

(Mark Tuckey) #6

@Aleksi_Alkio technically no one was working offline, it just seems as though while it was syncing the value just entered would temporarily disappear which made my colleague press it again to re-enter and then again and again, until he rang me up swearing that the system isn’t working… I must admit the delay isn’t a short delay.

(Mark Tuckey) #7

@praveen @Aleksi_Alkio One more thing that I have noticed is that it only does it on our mobile devices and not on the PC or on the preview display of the mobile device on the PC.

(Craig Clancy) #8

@Mark_Tuckey You could look at the partners page and select an experienced developer close by you to assist. They cost but they are worth it when $ and speed are at stake.

(Aleksi Alkio) #9

@Mark_Tuckey What is your account ID and app name if I take a look?