My company is currently a user of your PREMIU...

(Frederik Munk Brønserud) #1

My company is currently a user of your PREMIUM subscription plan, and we have a number of apps and Google-sheets containing sensitive, PII information about many of our customers.

In preparation for the GDPR taking effect on the 25th of May, I am currently researching the steps we need to take to be able to comply with the new regulation.

I have been marking a lot of data as “sensitive data” in our apps, but as you state on the linked page, that “only indicates that the column contains sensitive data. It does not tell the system to avoid logging data in this column.” And “To take this additional step, turn on the option via the Account > Settings pane.” However, that option seems to only be available to subscribers of the “Corporate Plan” costing upwards from 10.000$/year. Does that mean you do not provide the legally required data protection for the other (cheaper) plans?

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #2

Adding @Santiago — he has put together GDPR-related information and will respond shortly.

(Frederik Munk Brønserud) #3

@praveen Where can I find this GDPR-related information, and when can I expect reply from Santiago ?

(Santiago) #4

@Frederik Hi Frederik. Thanks for the question. We have our GDPR updates page here: - GDPR Compliance

Four our Sensitive data tagging capabilities, it’s available in our PRO subscriptions as well so there is no need to do a corporate subscription just for the ability to tag data as PII. You may want to review our Privacy Policy as well which can give you an better idea of the type of data we use and how we use it.

We can have a follow up conversation on the best options going forward, can you contact us at Thanks! GDPR Compliance