My [_ComputedName] column was not showing up ...

(T Holly) #1

My [_ComputedName] column was not showing up correctly on two of my 35 presenter “Bios.” (This is a conference app). Only those two. Couldn’t figure out why.

So I made another column in my gsheet called [Presenter] which basically CONCATENATEd

the same thing, only it was calculated in the gsheet instead of a virtual column. (First name column& last name column). I’ve triple checked the gsheet. I even typed out their full name in the “presenter” gsheet column to get rid of the equation and it still did the same thing.

In my troubleshooting, I discovered both columns show up as primary headers incorrectly, but show up as secondary headers correctly. Why might this be the case? And on only 2 of the 35 bios? Pics below might help explain.

(T Holly) #2

Oh, and if I change their names just slight (like add one letter to their last name), then they work fine. But when I change them back, they’re wrong again.