My data Updated by the app in google sheets keeps shifting to the right


has anyone experienced the problem in google sheets where the data in google sheets shifts to the right… instead of occupying the intended columns. this happens when I update the app.

is this a bug?

This can happen if the column amount doesn’t match in your device with the column structure.

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Do you mean the number of Columns? if so this could be strange because I had regenerated the Column Structure

Is there a way of ensuring that the column regeneration works well?

I’m still pretty new at this but I’ve found, by experience not testing, that if I add a column to my table in google sheets that the placement is key.

Now, every time I add a column I do it at the end of the columns. I’m sure you shouldn’t have to do it this way but when I haven’t, even when regenerating the table in AppSheet immediately, the data is put in the wrong columns. Not the whole row but parts - like from where I added the new column.

That’s just my experience.

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Thanks Lucinda,
will try this out…

is there a way appsheet can resolve this?, i actually i also found that Excel doesnot work well with sheet formulas… that why i moved to google sheets but i find google sheets to be super unstable…
I don’t know if there is something that i am not doing right? Now the Column types are selecting themselves to Enum even when i change them to text. When i save the column type goes back to Enum.
Has anyone met this kind of problem before

Did you app have the updated structure before it sent data updates?

Yep, good idea!

Generally speaking, it’s not a good idea to use spreadsheet formulas with AppSheet, even though AppSheet has some support for them. Best to try to do your calculations within the app itself.

Does that mean something other then the problem described above?

I’d guess the spreadsheet column is using data validation.

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