My dropdown does not include all the values in the table

Hi, I have a big problem:
I have a dropdown to select a row from a table, but it does not include all the values in the original google sheet. Is this a known bug, or is it something else?
The table I am trying to get the data from has more than 800 rows, and it hasn’t any security filters.
Additionally, when I tried to order the values of the dropdown using “ORDERBY()” in the “VALID IF” menu, the result presented many errors. Therefore I had to get rid of the “ORDERBY()” expression, and do it manually.
Thank you for your attention

ORDERBY() expression can be used with either Key columns or Ref columns. To sort ordinary column values, you need to use the SORT() expression.

What is your expression in Valid_if to get those column values?
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the column I am trying to sort is a Ref column. Sorry if I didn’t specify it in my original post.

My expression was something like: ORDERBY(table[key column], [label]). But my problem is not sorting the values, the problem is to get ALL the values from the original spreadsheet!

Do the missing rows in the dropdown have values in the key column in the spreadsheet?

Yes, they do. The table has just two columns the key values and the label values.

I managed to resolve my problem: the issue was that google sheets formatted my unique_IDs as numbers, and not as text (as it was supposed to be). Therefore, there were some duplicated IDs in my original spreadsheet. Once I realized it, I corrected this issue, and now everything works fine.


sigh That’s a frequent problem… :frowning: