My Inline view has stopped working or showing...

(Guilio Del Fava) #1

My Inline view has stopped working or showing and I do not know why? Any help will be appreciated.

(Tony Fader) #2

@Guilio_Del_Fava If you’re using slices, make sure the list column is in your slice definition.

Also, check to make sure your detail view includes the list column (or “All Columns”)

(Guilio Del Fava) #3

Thanks for the reply I think I figured out what the issue was. I noticed I had two views in the builder for the same view in the app. There were system generated views and ones I manually created. So I clicked on the system generated view and the reference view appeared. I rebuilt the app using the same data so it’s clean and now all the reference views are showing. Only been using Appsheet for about 3 weeks so still learning how the builder