My Lat/long fields started placing pictures i...

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My Lat/long fields started placing pictures in my pdf reports instead of the lat/long. Where before it would look like 49.185405, -121.936888 now there is a picture and this does mess up all my reports. Is this a bug a temporary or a trial thing?

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Create a Format rule for that table and column . In “Workflow Template Format” select “Image format” and specify “Text”.

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@Philip_Garrett_Appsh thanks for the reply. So if i have 6 apps that uses the lat/long then I have to do this 6 times?

If yes then this is really a pain. Due to the fact that this was a surprise this caused us some money as our technicians having to go back to remove the latlong when they saw the results after which they told me of the issue then i went back to edit the reports. I wish appsheet could have made the feature so that there was a choice of text(default) and picture in the column option menu because this feature has been there for the longest time then a sudden change messes up how the app works for us.

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You make a good point. We will try to do better in the future.

This feature has a tortured history. Originally we simply displayed the Lat/Long as text. Customers asked if we could display a map instead the Lat/Long text value because for many customers the map was more meaningful. We did that, but ran into trouble because of the volume of map generation requests being sent to Google maps. Google starting rejecting some of our map generation requests. We turned off the map feature while dealing with that issue. Once that issue was resolved, we re-enabled the map generation feature for Lat/Long values.

Again, I am sorry the inconvenience we caused you. We will try to do better to avoid compatibility problems in the future.

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@Philip_Garrett_Appsh Hello Philip appreciate your response on this. Appsheet’s goal I believe is to provide the platform to make app development easier to achieve and manage. I hope this situation becomes a guide for future releases.