My Related Column - from a reference table - does not appear in my from/view

My Related Column - from a reference table - does not appear in my from/view.

I have a table B i referenced to Table A - so that i could have in the form/view a way to add items into that Table, multiple times. I wanted the user to be able to click “New” and add items.

My Problem - I do not see the related table in my forms/views. I must have a setting wrong somewhere - but i am not sure where?

Hi, open the Ref column’s definition and set the option “Is a part of?” as ON.

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Thanks Aleksi. Another question - how many of these can i have on a form? I need to have two.

Unfortunately you can only have one.

ok . Thanks. At least i know!

Just to clarify. I have two separate tables i wanted to have Related. I should be able to do that, correct? I have seen this - i believe on another app.

Also - i want to add. I took away one of the related tables (the one i wanted the least). I still cannot see the one i wanted in my form.

I had this working. Then - without me changing anything the “New” button disappeared?

This image shows you that it was working. As you can see it shows that table has data. So iwas able to add “New” before:


I copied the app - and restored that app back many versions. I found a good one. So i used it (copy) to rebuild on. AGAIN - it was working then - BAM wasn’t! So i stepped back a couple of versions - works again. So i am currently using both apps to test. I have to check this feature EVERYTIME i make a new change.

Any thoughts?