My spreadsheet does not exist?

I got this error when I updated a slice and refresh my app…

Insert new record can upload to the spreadsheet. How can I fix it? Or how can Appsheet fix it?


I’m also having this issue. Everything was working fine last time I used my app, some data was entered manually into the spreadsheet since then but I’ve never had an issue doing that before. This issue is also occurring on an app I haven’t touched for a while but was working when I last used it.

Please let me know if you find out anything.

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I have the same problem, from yesterady:

I cant run / sync the app. Please help, urgently. Data tables are accessible and not empty ! Thank you very much

Unable to fetch app definition.

Error: Data table ‘OptiSmCareGama-557628:11.000180:Dokumenty na GD’ is not available Error: Data table ‘Dokumenty na GD’ is either inaccessible or empty. Error: Data table ‘OptiSmCareGama-557628:11.000180:Databáze Klienti’ is not available Error: Data table ‘Databáze Klienti’ is either inaccessible or empty. Error: Data table ‘OptiSmCareGama-557628:11.000180:Hlasování popis a výsledky’ is not available Error: Data table ‘Hlasování popis a výsledky’ is either inaccessible or empty.

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I get the same error;

Unable to fetch app definition.

Error: Data table ‘PelicanoAviationServices-1602514:1.000510:Class’ is not available Error: Data table ‘Class’ is either inaccessible or empty.

This has to be a platform issue and not specific to any application because I have not touched that table in some time, it does exist and it is accessible.

I find app sheet to be great for prototyping an app but it is not ready for primetime as a platform for hosting a commercial app.

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Hey @Steve I thought this information might be helpful to the dev team as well as other users.

My co-worker and I appear to have found where the issue might be (at least in our case we fixed the issue and this was the situation). Before some of the changes made to appsheet regarding datasources and teams/co-authoring, we had made apps and set up datasources from a co-author account which appears to no longer be possible due to the introduction of teams (at least for free accounts).

To fix our issue we recreated all the table links using the owner account to data on the owners google drive and then we set the co-author account that originally made the data links to a Role:User account. It is worth mentioning that the app still shows up in the user’s apps as a co-author app despite this change.

This fix may not work for everyone depending on storage size of owner account and the number of tables you may have to re-link. We are currently trying to apply the fix to our other apps with the same problem to further confirm the fix.

EDIT: Unfortunately it would seem we were wrong, the error has started occurring again. It must of just been coincidence that things were running fine after what we did.

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A fix has been pushed out that should address this problem. Can you confirm?

Yes, I confirm that the issue is corrected. Thanks!

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Same here, everything’s working good again. Thank you.

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I just back up the old spreadsheet and create a new one with the same structure slightly after I reported the issue. And it is working fine now.

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Hey, I still have this problem occurring with my apps. It stopped for maybe a week and then it continued to happen frequently. The apps are mostly still usable but I think this is causing our apps not to accept updates, instead we have to reinstall/clear cache and refresh to update the app itself. Is there any information you could provide @Steve that may help me?

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Your problem will require deeper troubleshooting than I can provide. Please contact for help with this.