My UX view is not showing on Chrome

Hi!!!.. a newbie from Chile here!! (sorry for any mistake in my English, if any!!!)

I have an Action (type: App:go to another view within this app) which is perfectly showing on mobile/tablet but show nothing on Google Chrome… Any help?

Target on Action is:


Where table=Egresos%20Proveedor is a slice from table “Egreso” and view=Egresos%20Proveedor is a “detail” type

In my App, one “Egreso” belongs to a “Condominio” and can have just one “Proveedor”. Each “Proveedor” can have many “Egreso”… I would like to show the list of “Egreso” of a “Proveedor” grouped by “Condominio”


Hi @Luis_Felipe_Fantini ,

Welcome to the AppSheet community. Your English is good. And even if not, this community is global, so we have members with many different native languages. However, as long as we understand the technical issue, it is perfectly alright.

Without going into minute details you have shared , if by Google chrome you mean rendering the view in your desktop device, one thing to try initially is to clear the cache from your browser.


Thanks @Suvrutt_Gurjar for your welcome!! and for your fast answer!!

Yes!.. I meant exactly that: rendering the view in my desktop device… and the browser cache was cleared several times!! :unamused: :unamused: so… still waiting for any help


Thank you. Got it. You could possibly use a simpler expression based on deep links. If your data schema is bit more clear, one could opine on feasibility of using deep link expressions such as LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW(). Please take a look at the below. have you evaluated LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW()

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Thanks a lot!!.. I’ll try it tomorrow morning (it’s almost midnight here now) and will let you know!!

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Sure. Just in case you still need a help

  1. You could share exactly how the 3 tables/slices you have mentioned are connected to each other.

2)we could refine your ENCODEURL() expression. There is also an insightful post by @rich and @LeventK on the subject of ENCODEURL() usage, even though the requirement is slightly different from yours.

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Hi @Suvrutt_Gurjar … It works!!! Thanks a Lot.

Finally the action target was defined as:


And works perfect on every device

I’ll continue learning on the topic!!