My work flow test keeps giving me an "error" ...

(Steven Jeffery) #1

My work flow test keeps giving me an “error” and I have no clue why.

There is nothing in the trace ID for it.


(Philip Garrett) #2


  1. What is the error?

  2. What do you see in the Audit History?

(Steven Jeffery) #3

nothing in the audit history.

(Steven Jeffery) #4

I duplicated my backend table for the estimates, so that I could use it to demo some calculation fields I was working on.

I got all the calculations working as I wanted, and referenced the new sheet to my main company table.

I regenerated a new workflow report to reflect my new table I added, and my workflow stopped working.

I deleted workflow and started from scratch, and I am still getting error when I go to test it.

I thought maybe the ID# column was not matching between my primary table and my referenced table, but I have literally removed everything, and scaled it back, regenerated workflow, basically started from scratch and as of last night was sitll getting “error” everytime I tested it, with no failure showing in the audit log.

(Steven Jeffery) #5

When I run deployment check, I have this Error, would this be causing it, and where do I go to fix this?

“Data matches expected structure ERROR”

(Philip Garrett) #6


I can investigate if you get the app in the failing state and provide: 1. Your account id 2. The app name 3. The workflow rule name 4. The steps to reproduce the problem